Thursday, July 28, 2011

Training catch up!

After my long run on Saturday, I have been taking life easy..especially my runs.

Monday I went out for a short run and my legs felt great.

Tuesday, and Wednesday, I worked and was on my feet the entire time..wonder how many miles I put in at work??!!
Late Tuesday into Wednesday,  my stomach and back muscles were extremely sore. I took Ibuprofen twice and could not figure out if I was having a Fibromyalgia flareup or something else. Last night I hurt so bad, and was cold,  I laid on the couch covered with a blanket and two kitties. By then, I was wondering if I had contracted West Nile from all my mosquito bites.

This morning  when I woke, I felt great. Must have been the Fibromyalgia,  today I have the normal aches I always have. Today, Life is Great!

I started my run and shortly met a couple with a Wire Fox Terrier..I had to stop and talk and play with the dog.

After visiting, I restarted my Garmin and off I went!

That is my recap!   I feel I am on target for the Marathon in October.

..just keep going step at a time!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again!!!!!! But Further!!!!! 20 miles down!!!!!

I do not have time for a lengthy post today, I am having company for dinner and need to get the house cleaned!   I did want to get this run "in the books".
I will try to post more tomorrow to tell you about my interesting day, but for now......

As you can see, I really lost energy at the end. The heat got the better of me but I am using it as a learning tool! Next time will be better. All-in-all, I am very happy with this run!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday before my long run!

Today I tried to keep my HR no avail. I give up and think I will not wear the monitor anymore. My HR is way too high, but I think it is just my body because my run felt fine.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday in Loveland!

It has been a few weeks since I have posted but I have kept up on my training. In fact, this weekend is my 20 mile run. Today I was in Loveland for the last morning of a terrific week with Hubby and all the Furbabies!

I hope Summer is treating you well!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

I did it..17 miles and I lived to tell the story!

Yesterday at work, I spoke with Karen, an Elite Athlete, who gave me great advice on how to run 17 miles in the heat. She suggested I do loops  which would allow me to stop at my car, refill my water bottle and get a snack if needed. I followed her advice and, although the last two miles were a killer, this time I was able to run/walk until the bitter end!

I packed a cooler with extra electrolyte drinks, water bottles and a banana. I ran one mile out, then back which gave me my first two miles. The I started a five mile loop. I had a GU at 4.5 miles then at 7 miles, I stopped at the car and filled up my electrolyte drink, ate 1/3 of my banana then did my next five. Somewhere around 8 miles I had a shot block, some drink and then another GU at 10 miles. I stopped again at 12 miles, Hubby was there to make sure I was OK.  At the 12 mile stop, I repeated exactly what I done at mile 7.  Off again for the last 5 miles and the temperature was rising which was really zapping my energy but I kept going adding another couple shot blocks and a GU at mile 14.5.

The last 2.5 miles were a killer, it was hot and I was running out of my electrolyte drink. I kept walking and running, just moving forward.  At least my head was in a good space and I knew I would complete this training run.  I kept going and thankfully, I finally hit the 17mile mark on my Garmin.  It was such a wonderful feeling to know that I had accomplished this goal, something I had dreaded all week.