Thursday, October 11, 2012


I haven't quit

I'm still running

I'm on the last week of my 9 week training program and feeling strong!

Today I forgot to reset my watch after my warm up

so this pace included my walking warm up.

My fastest pace during this run was 12:04 min/mile,

for me, that is progress in the right direction!!!

Life has been busy and my blogs have taken a backseat!

I have been on a quest to learn quilting and it has been a challenge! The measuring and precise cutting has been my downfall.  I love to sew but have always had a pattern to follow, now I have to read the ruler and make sure I'm on the right line...oh for better glasses! 

Hopefully, I can sit down soon and visit all of your blogs and catch up with the  Blogosphere!

For now, Blessings to all!