Friday, October 14, 2011

Chicago Marathon!!!!!

Right now, I do not feel like writing a big update on the Chicago Marathon.
I received the the T shirt...and broke my foot..all in a day's work.

Long Story, Short;

I had a mild case of Plantar Fasciitis 2 weeks before the race,
With the help of a Podiatrist and a Physical Therapist, my foot felt great to start the race!
Mile 3, my foot felt uncomfortable..I should have quit...
Mile 11-12 I felt, and heard, a pop in the bottom of my foot.My Plantar Fascia had ruptured..should have quit!
I kept running..I can see in some of the pictures I was running on the side of my left foot
Somewhere before I saw family at mile 19..I felt another problem
I did not want to quit..STUBBORN!!!
I now have a ruptured Fascia and a Jones fracture of my foot...NOT GOOD!
I am non weight bearing for 4 weeks.

I had a blast,
I Hope to run again,
If I can run, I will do another Marathon!!

It was wonderful having my family there for support.
I feel like a nin come poop..Is that how you spell it??!!

The race was so much fun!

This was not the finish line..I ran through the finish line. I wanted to give up the Pom Pom
Matt must have telling me..You Are Almost There!!!

Erin, Jonah ( her son, my grand) and Emma ( again hers and mine!)

My daughter, Wendy, on the right and her friend Sandy!
I hope to have the official race pictures soon and I will post a few then.  The best picture is of my daughter, Erin, and I before the race!