Friday, October 14, 2011

Chicago Marathon!!!!!

Right now, I do not feel like writing a big update on the Chicago Marathon.
I received the the T shirt...and broke my foot..all in a day's work.

Long Story, Short;

I had a mild case of Plantar Fasciitis 2 weeks before the race,
With the help of a Podiatrist and a Physical Therapist, my foot felt great to start the race!
Mile 3, my foot felt uncomfortable..I should have quit...
Mile 11-12 I felt, and heard, a pop in the bottom of my foot.My Plantar Fascia had ruptured..should have quit!
I kept running..I can see in some of the pictures I was running on the side of my left foot
Somewhere before I saw family at mile 19..I felt another problem
I did not want to quit..STUBBORN!!!
I now have a ruptured Fascia and a Jones fracture of my foot...NOT GOOD!
I am non weight bearing for 4 weeks.

I had a blast,
I Hope to run again,
If I can run, I will do another Marathon!!

It was wonderful having my family there for support.
I feel like a nin come poop..Is that how you spell it??!!

The race was so much fun!

This was not the finish line..I ran through the finish line. I wanted to give up the Pom Pom
Matt must have telling me..You Are Almost There!!!

Erin, Jonah ( her son, my grand) and Emma ( again hers and mine!)

My daughter, Wendy, on the right and her friend Sandy!
I hope to have the official race pictures soon and I will post a few then.  The best picture is of my daughter, Erin, and I before the race!


  1. Oh NO! You might actually be a smidge more stubborn than I am! I hope you STAY OFF THAT FOOT like you are supposed to lady! LOL

  2. Congratulations on finishing broken foot and all!

  3. Oh my dear, all that work did pay off but you didn't listen to your body but you finished YEAH!!! I didn't listen to mine either, I ran my race, shouldn't of and now have a huge tear in my left calf so no running for me for 4 weeks, no walking fast, no elliptical, no ... well lots of stuff I am really missing.
    I am so proud of you though, you trained, you went, you finished!! YEAH!!! I am so sorry you hurt though, I hope you heal fast. Take care Shawn, blessings my friend!!

  4. I was just checking in to see how you're doing. I hope you're healing. Take care my friend. Blessings!!

  5. I'm happy for you, well done!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! But ouch! This story about your foot!! You are one tough cookie!!

  7. HI there Shawn You look like a lady who knows where she is going. Good work, and wonderful perseverence.

    Love and Jane and Lizzy Dog Blog and the Hams'x