Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturdays Run

The question I am asking myself today is:
Every time I sit in a chair, or ride in the car, I can barely move when getting up. For the last week,it has taken my body a few minutes to Get with the Program!   
So,  how could I go on a three mile run this morning and feel great? 

This just does not make since to me! Then, I went shopping with hubby and I could barely get out of the car each time we stopped.  It seems like once I get moving my joints feel better. It is the sitting that is not working for me!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


After church we decided to head off to the Gym. Our first intention was to practice dancing but when we peaked into the workout room a couple was doing lunges all around the room.  So, instead of practicing dance, we decided to workout on the treadmill until the gym was available.

Now, let me start this off by saying that Hubby goes to the gym, four times a week, and spends 45min on the treadmill.  He started doing this two years ago after his second heart attack and has been faithful with his workouts.   Shawn, on the other hand, runs outside and has always found the treadmill to be dreadfully boring.  But I decide to put my Big Girl Panties on, not whine and give it a try.

#25840 Clip Art Graphic Of A Strawberry Ice Cream Cone Cartoon Character Walking On A Treadmill In A Fitness Gym by toons4biz
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Today I got quite a workout.  In fact, in 35 minutes,  I burned enough calories for a strawberry ice cream cone. Well, maybe not the whole cone, but at least a tablespoon of strawberry ice cream!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just Remember...all are good, some are just better than others!

 Today I was so excited to go on a run.

 At 6:00 the damn cat my sweet Cecil woke me up, not wanting to wake up Hubby,  I got out of bed, made coffee and waited for him to wake up.  I read my e mails,  blog surfed and before I knew it, Hubby was awake and wanting breakfast. Yes, a woman's work is never done.

I waited until the temp was 40, got my running clothes on and out the door I flew! I always judge the wind by what our  Condo Flag looks like. This morning I noticed that it was hanging, not fully secured, which was deceiving.

To me, this looked like a gentle breeze.  This was not a gentle breeze, the winds were Hurricane Force way to strong for me to try to run. This by far was the hardest run I have experienced. I had to stop so many times, I  was completely frustrated. Although this was not my favorite run, I will post the results, keep myself accountable and move on.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beautiful Morning

I decided to take a rare opportunity at work.. I took a Low Census Day. Yes,  I have today off and tomorrow is my scheduled day off! Two Days in a row..YIPEEEE!
I knew I would have to get back into the training even though my mind has not been committed. I had to get out on the trail. The temperature was 34 degrees when I started, so I tried to bundle up as much as I could:
Two pairs of pants, long sleeved wonderful new jacket, a Bondi band (to keep my hair away from my face) and gloves.
Ready to go..OH, better put on some shoes!
The cool jacket was my Christmas present from Hubby.  This jacket keeps me warm and is wind resistant, which is great for Colorado winters! Luckily, this morning we did not have any wind.

These are the two Bondi Bands I ordered. I love them ME! I bought Erin one, but I will not post what it says, because she may read this and I want it to be a surprise!

Anyway, back to the run. I stayed warm except for my hands, nose and LUNGS. I found the cold air in my lungs gave a burning sensation but it was still a good run!

Do you remember the pictures I posted of Eastlake in the fall? Well this is what it looks like now:
Looks lonely!

Not scenic in the winter...
We are supposed to get snow today starting in the late afternoon. I made an appointment with the trainer for tomorrow, guess I will be on the treadmill..  : ((

Monday, January 10, 2011

Too cold today so off to the Gym!

I received a call  from, Shayne, a trainer at the gym (that I pay for but have not entered in 2 years!) giving me the news that I still had four hours of individual training sessions that have been paid for but not used. He wondered when I could come in and get started.
Yikes! This call came at just the right time!   Did God send a message to the Gym..telling them, in no uncertain terms, that they needed to convince Shawn to get with the program! He knows that I have not been treating my body as a Temple but more like a port-a-potty! Yes, me, the one that can eat cookies and candy for dinner. I could eat an ice cream sandwich,  have a glass of wine and call it good!

Today was the day! I was scheduled for 11:30.  Yesterday I was excited but today, not so much. Well,  this morning Hubby and I were having a debate on the Lutheran Catechism, I put my coffee cup in the microwave, and when the timer went off I was debating my point and did not notice the coffee was BOILING. Yep, you guessed it, I received a nice burn on the palm of my hand. Oh, my perfect out to going to the gym! I left a message on Shayne's voice mail telling him I could not possibly workout today..I may loose my hand need a week to recuperate.
A few minutes later he returned my call.  We would not be working out, he wanted to get to know me, do a health assessment, measure me and talk about nutrition. Oh Crap, I was doomed. I could not think of an excuse fast enough. So, off I went, head hung low, the woman that has been paying for the health club membership and not attending.

We met, we talked, I weighed, he measured, he pushed encouraged the use of Apex vitamins, I pleaded asked about cheaper supplements, he showed me how to use a foam roller to loosen muscles and I looked like a beached whale, flailing with the foam roller, on the exercise mat!

All in the Day of MY Journey to a Marathon!

Can not wait until Thursday for our next session!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wind , Wind, Go Away....Do Not Come Back Another Day!

I started a run when I got home from my Bible class today. The sun was shining, slight breeze, I believe the temp was about 50...BEAUTIFUL.

Because (or should I say...ever sense) I had my big fall a couple of years ago, I have been very leery of falling again. I will only run in areas that I am familiar with and almost never in bad weather. I have been putting off a run, hoping the snow would melt, and I would be assured I would not have to deal with ice.

Today was the day, the temperature was warmer, the sun was shinning and the sky was a brilliant blue. Yes, there was a slight breeze but not anything that would hold me back. When I got home from church I put on my running clothes and opted to drive to the lake because I did not know if the snow had melted on the path which leads from the Condo to the lake.

When I started the run everything felt great! Actually, there was quite a bit of snow on the lake path  but with a careful eye, I was able to dodge the few ice patches that were hiding underneath the melting snow. 

 During the first half mile I had a slight side wind that was not bothersome but when heading around to the North side of the lake the wind hit me with a blast. There was a time, during the run, when I started laughing out loud because I  felt as if I was taking one step forward and two back!  The wind would hit me with a gust and almost pick me up off the ground. Boy, What a Ride!  Then, as I turned and headed to the south side of the lake,  I had a beautiful tail wind until I got on the south side and again I had a side wind.

I tromped through the snow, and slush, and by the time I stopped there was about an inch of mud, and gravel, on the soles of my shoes. I found an area where the snow had melted into a puddle and was able to clean off my shoes before heading home. It was a good run and the weather, although windy, was beautiful. 

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