Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Few Words of Advice

This is for all my Grand Kiddos.

Remember that anything you want in life takes hard work.  If I would have used yesterday as my guide, I may have quit my journey. We all have ups and downs in life, as with my running, but we just need to get back out there and try our hardest.

Life is a wonderful Journey..enjoy every moment!


I woke up around 3am with a leg cramp..stood up and it went away. Thank Goodness!  As I tried to go back to sleep I wondered if I should run today or just blow it off..remember I had a leg cramp.  :  )
I finally got out of bed at 6:45, had to have my coffee and while it was brewing decided to lay out my running clothes. If the clothing was on the bed that should give me an incentive. Now should I wear a long sleeve or short sleeve shirt..I think I should sit down and watch the weather report.

Long sleeves or Short?

Oh, by the way, I have the Biggest Loser on the DVR and I need to watch that so I can delete it. If that show isn't an incentive to get out on the trail, I sure do not know what would be. After the show, I turned on the news and it was 63 degrees...settled...short sleeves.

It is all about the outfit! See the way my shoes are, maybe I wear them that way!
I decided to get my heart rate monitor out of the closet, blew off the cobwebs, and see what the 'ole ticker was doing. I have my watch, Shuffle IPod, Fuel Belt for the camera, and my spiffy shoes.
I got in the car, drove to East Lake. 

East Lake, Thornton

I walked to the mile marker at a pretty fast pace.

We are lucky to have Mile Markers

I set my watch, glanced at my HR which was already between 117 and 122..UGH..and started to run.

It was such a beautiful morning and there were so many runners, and walkers, you would think we were at a shopping mall. People were walking their dogs, some were pooping on the path (the dogs not the people!) and everyone I looked at had a big smile on their face. Boy, if life could just be this easy.

I came up to the .25 mile marker, was feeling great so decided not to look at my watch. I continued on and did not peek at my watch until the .5 marker..HR 180..felt great..breathing easy..on I go!

This is my favorite part, right after 1/2 mile marker.

 I continued on but this time tried to slow the HR down. I found that when I passed a walker ( they almost walked faster than I ran), my Hr would increase..maybe a little anxiety here. I continued running until the mile marker, where I stopped, put my watch on pause, and waited about 1 min until my HR decreased to 170. 

Close to the Mile Marker

I decided today's run should be at least 3 miles and I was determined to run the entire three. Yes, I did stop two times to lower the HR but always put my watch on pause then continued again. One thing to ponder..does it make a difference if my HR is high, I know I have a higher resting HR and as long as I feel OK maybe it does not matter. So, is it worth wearing the monitor..or should I skip it?  I have to think about it.  one thing I do know is, when I get serious about the training the Shuffle will have to go because for some reason I do better without it! I just enjoy listening to the toons.

The second time around the lake was great. I bet you are wondering where the lake is....

Here it comes!

How beautiful, the lake with the Rocky Mountains in the background.    

These are called Coots..just like me an 'ole Coot!

I love the Fall colors and although they are not at the peak, it was fun getting a few pictures.

Colors starting to turn.

  You must think that I stopped to take all these pictures but actually I walked after my run to get these shots.
I remember when the kids had to pick leaves for science projects.

The only thing I do not like about Fall is thinking about Winter.  : (                                         
Love the Colors

 Back to the run.   My average HR was 183, or was it 185, can not remember but to most people they would probably Gasp to hear that.  When I trained for the 1/2 Marathons it was the same, in fact today was a little lower  than it usually was in the beginning. I was pretty slow, right under 12 min miles...not good but also not worried. I can increase the time,  just need patience.  I do not plan on running less than 10.5- 11 min miles. That is just me..the Turtle!

I do not know how long I will be able to run around the does get a little boring after a while. I will probably move on to the Big Dry Creek path.   They too have put up mile markers which is so helpful but my favorite way to train is just by time..not miles.

A weed?

The yellow flowers exemplify how I felt after the run. Bright, Cherry, Life Is Good!

Happy Wednesday!

After I took the pictures, it was taking too long to walk so I ran back to the car. I turned on my watch and the HR stayed around 162. Now, mind you, I only ran another 1/2 mile but I am not counting that in my run today..that was a frebbie to myself! When I saw my car, I was a little sad that the morning was over. Now it is back to work tomorrow and will have to wait a few days to run

My Sweet Ride!!

I will never be a fast runner but at least I have the ability to be out there! I am on a wonderful journey and even though it may take me a little longer to get there, I will Get there!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Again and Again

Well, here I go AGAIN. I do not run for a few weeks then I have to start from square one..again.

Started out on this beautiful, Fall morning the temp. was 53 degrees (perfect running weather for me), drove to East Lake and started my first mile.  I was feeling pretty good and decided to start at a slow, turtle like pace and completed the first mile in 11:29, which is OK for me. Started the second mile and lost my UMMPH at the next 1/2 mile...ok slow the breathing down...


OK ..Maybe Not!  By the time I got to the 3/4 mile marker I was pretty legs felt Ok but I was pretty short of breath..Darn..I hate the first 30 min of a run and now I could not complete that to get into a good stride.

SO..I walked...then I ran...walked again..You Get the Picture!

I was trying to remember what Erin had told me about a running plan she had heard about. For my speed was it run 3 mile and walk one...that one mile walk seemed like a long time...

Well not to worry..I did not even make the three miles to try it!

Got home, called Erin.....Plan says to run 3 minutes then walk 1 min.....Now that is for me!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Picking an Event

They say the difference between a jogger and runner is signing up for the first race. Once you sign up for a race you become a runner. At this time I have signed up for, and completed, four half- marathons.

I have now come to the time to sign up for a full-marathon.  Erin called yesterday and suggested the Chicago marathon. I have spent the last hour looking at the website, downloading the training information, and reviewing the course. This event is doable! The course gives the runner a look at the city including China Town, the lake, and all the sites that Chicago has to offer.  The Marathon will be held 10-10-10...I will need to sign up for the 2011 event and I think October would be an excellent time.

On reviewing the training manual it states that the beginner (ME) would need to be running 3-5 miles, 3-4 times a week for several months.  Well, that can be me without any problem! The training will then start in the middle of June, which is perfect.  Cross training advice is Yoga or Pilate's...well, what is not to like about that!!

I think I have found my goal! One year from now I will be getting ready to travel to Chicago.  The only worry I have is that the weather would hold up..I remember when we did the Denver event, there were several people from Chicago because that one was called because of an unusually hot day!

I do not know when the registration opens but I have decided that this would be a fun event! The race cost is not too high but I am sure the hotels increase their fare ten fold!! It does not matter, that gives me a year to save, train, and get the courage up to fulfill this dream of mine.

Hang in there with me..... the ride is about to begin!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

Out of the house shortly after 8:00, took Jonah's homework to school (which he had forgot)then hit the High Line Canal Trail. It is so nice to just walk out of your house and within a few blocks have access to two major trails. I wonder if that influenced Erin when she chose this neighborhood?!

When I left the house the temp was 54,when I returned it was 55! Now that is what I am talking about..perfect running weather. I had to borrow one of Erin's long sleeved shirts (can not believe it fit) and by the end of the run I was pushing up the sleeves.

Today I had a better idea where I was going and there must have been a race on the trail because there were arrows,drawn on the concrete, pointing the way! I did not come across any runners but did see some bike riders. I started off at a nice easy pace (turtle!),my breathing was OK,and my body felt relaxed. I tried to concentrate on the breathing because I usually do not hit my stride until at least a half hour. Note to self: get the HR monitor on so I know how the ticker is doing.

I did notice that on inclines the 'ole hamstring felt tight. I was able to run through most of those times but did stop if it felt too uncomfortable. Today was mostly running and I figure I ran at least 3.2 miles or more. It irritates me that I am starting from scratch..AGAIN..but at least I have started. Before, I would get so down on myself if my run was not up to parr, this time I am only going to focus on the positive.

Like RC says "Every day is good,some are just better than others!". I will use this for my runs..every run is good but some will be better than others. Today was good! I am so thankful that I am able to run, to be out in nature enjoying the morning, to work up a sweat and feel good about it and last to feel that unbelievable feeling when I am done.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here I go!

I got Emma and Jonah off to school, changed and hit the trail! I had only a vague idea where I was going which always cramps my style. I always need a general idea of the trail I am running on so I can gauge my time and miles. This morning I left the house and thought I was going on the Big Dry Creek trail, instead made a wrong turn and ended up at Stanley could I go in to the lake area and run or did I need a day pass? ?&@!I just turned around and went back.

Today I ran/walked, was gone about 50 min and probably got in about 3 miles, had to stop and read signs, walked the Highline Trail and just got my bearings! Hopefully, tomorrow will be better, I think I have the lay of the land, or I will drive to another trail after I drop Emma off at school.

I seem to be a creature of habit when running. I feel more comfortable on trails I know, do not like to run on cement, and need to know approximate mileage or my run does not go as well as I would like.

The great things about this morning were:
1. Cool weather
2. New running shoes feel pretty good.
3. Love the feeling when the run is over.
4. Very few people on the trail.

Bad parts:
1. That #?!#% hamstring..gosh I need to get to yoga.

That is it for today, tomorrow will be better. Off to shower, and use the rolling pin on the hamstring!