Monday, September 20, 2010

Picking an Event

They say the difference between a jogger and runner is signing up for the first race. Once you sign up for a race you become a runner. At this time I have signed up for, and completed, four half- marathons.

I have now come to the time to sign up for a full-marathon.  Erin called yesterday and suggested the Chicago marathon. I have spent the last hour looking at the website, downloading the training information, and reviewing the course. This event is doable! The course gives the runner a look at the city including China Town, the lake, and all the sites that Chicago has to offer.  The Marathon will be held 10-10-10...I will need to sign up for the 2011 event and I think October would be an excellent time.

On reviewing the training manual it states that the beginner (ME) would need to be running 3-5 miles, 3-4 times a week for several months.  Well, that can be me without any problem! The training will then start in the middle of June, which is perfect.  Cross training advice is Yoga or Pilate's...well, what is not to like about that!!

I think I have found my goal! One year from now I will be getting ready to travel to Chicago.  The only worry I have is that the weather would hold up..I remember when we did the Denver event, there were several people from Chicago because that one was called because of an unusually hot day!

I do not know when the registration opens but I have decided that this would be a fun event! The race cost is not too high but I am sure the hotels increase their fare ten fold!! It does not matter, that gives me a year to save, train, and get the courage up to fulfill this dream of mine.

Hang in there with me..... the ride is about to begin!

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