Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here I go!

I got Emma and Jonah off to school, changed and hit the trail! I had only a vague idea where I was going which always cramps my style. I always need a general idea of the trail I am running on so I can gauge my time and miles. This morning I left the house and thought I was going on the Big Dry Creek trail, instead made a wrong turn and ended up at Stanley could I go in to the lake area and run or did I need a day pass? ?&@!I just turned around and went back.

Today I ran/walked, was gone about 50 min and probably got in about 3 miles, had to stop and read signs, walked the Highline Trail and just got my bearings! Hopefully, tomorrow will be better, I think I have the lay of the land, or I will drive to another trail after I drop Emma off at school.

I seem to be a creature of habit when running. I feel more comfortable on trails I know, do not like to run on cement, and need to know approximate mileage or my run does not go as well as I would like.

The great things about this morning were:
1. Cool weather
2. New running shoes feel pretty good.
3. Love the feeling when the run is over.
4. Very few people on the trail.

Bad parts:
1. That #?!#% hamstring..gosh I need to get to yoga.

That is it for today, tomorrow will be better. Off to shower, and use the rolling pin on the hamstring!

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