Thursday, September 2, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

Out of the house shortly after 8:00, took Jonah's homework to school (which he had forgot)then hit the High Line Canal Trail. It is so nice to just walk out of your house and within a few blocks have access to two major trails. I wonder if that influenced Erin when she chose this neighborhood?!

When I left the house the temp was 54,when I returned it was 55! Now that is what I am talking about..perfect running weather. I had to borrow one of Erin's long sleeved shirts (can not believe it fit) and by the end of the run I was pushing up the sleeves.

Today I had a better idea where I was going and there must have been a race on the trail because there were arrows,drawn on the concrete, pointing the way! I did not come across any runners but did see some bike riders. I started off at a nice easy pace (turtle!),my breathing was OK,and my body felt relaxed. I tried to concentrate on the breathing because I usually do not hit my stride until at least a half hour. Note to self: get the HR monitor on so I know how the ticker is doing.

I did notice that on inclines the 'ole hamstring felt tight. I was able to run through most of those times but did stop if it felt too uncomfortable. Today was mostly running and I figure I ran at least 3.2 miles or more. It irritates me that I am starting from scratch..AGAIN..but at least I have started. Before, I would get so down on myself if my run was not up to parr, this time I am only going to focus on the positive.

Like RC says "Every day is good,some are just better than others!". I will use this for my runs..every run is good but some will be better than others. Today was good! I am so thankful that I am able to run, to be out in nature enjoying the morning, to work up a sweat and feel good about it and last to feel that unbelievable feeling when I am done.

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