Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today's Run

I waited until 8am this morning to start my run because I wanted to experience the warmer weather. I know Chicago's temps can range from cool to scorching HOT , I need to be prepared for every scenario.

Now, off for a Mani and Pedi, take my daughters out for their birthday lunch, buy cat liter and 2 new hair dryers ( each home has a hair dryer and they both blew up this week) then hopefully take a nap!

Have a great day,

Monday, June 20, 2011

Another recap!

Here is a quick recap of my training last week.  At this point, the only thing I have to say is..Onwards and Upwards!
Monday the 13th

Saturday was a 14 mile run. I had tummy issues at the start but that quickly resolved.  Somewhere between mile 9-10, I stopped to get some pebbles out of my shoes and it went downhill from there. Long story short,  I ended up walking the last 4 miles with cramps in my feet and hamstrings. After discussing my issues with Erin  (our resident ironwoman) we narrowed it down to an electrolyte imbalance.  I had over  hydrated Friday with water, should have drank Gatorade or a sports drink. Also, did not eat enough breakfast before starting out.  Only good thing, i am making these mistakes before the marathon and not during it!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Recap of my last two runs

I have  four months left of my training and I am feeling stronger every run.

Last Thursday,  I tried to work on speed work...for me Running Faster Than Normal..not really speed!

Today, I tried a new path and ran into a dead-end at the golf course.  Actually, it was the perfect mileage for today's run so I will keep it on my list of training paths.  Finally, I am feeling stronger and breathing is easier..although, my HR is climbing, R/T the warmer weather, but it does not bother me and I will ignore that for the time being. 

I read a chapter from the Galloway book this morning before my run and he emphasised the importance of early walk breaks which I worked on today.  It is amazing how this does not slow down the final time and I feel much stronger at the end.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday's change-up!

I tried to change things up this morning and try a little speed work! Not knowing what to do,  I decided to run as fast, and far,  as I could before my lungs felt like they would burst.. I would then stop, catch my breath, and start over again. I had a great time and actually felt pretty good!

I hope you have a great week!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

WooHoo!! Twelve miles !!

This morning was my longest run so far.  Normally my long runs are on Saturday but we are going to Nevada, for my Granddaughters wedding,  and will not be back until Sunday and I did not want to worry about getting a run in there.
What I love most about training is the chance to work out some kinks that will make my next run better. Today's kinks were:
1.  Not enough water, I need to get a fuel belt that holds four bottles.
2.  Either get new socks, shoes or both.  I felt blisters forming on the balls of both feet..Not Good!
3.  Increase running days. I need to get out more then the three days on my plan.
4.  Continue working on positive motivations.
5. muscles felt so tight.

That's it for today! Now that the run is over, I feel great.