Thursday, June 2, 2011

WooHoo!! Twelve miles !!

This morning was my longest run so far.  Normally my long runs are on Saturday but we are going to Nevada, for my Granddaughters wedding,  and will not be back until Sunday and I did not want to worry about getting a run in there.
What I love most about training is the chance to work out some kinks that will make my next run better. Today's kinks were:
1.  Not enough water, I need to get a fuel belt that holds four bottles.
2.  Either get new socks, shoes or both.  I felt blisters forming on the balls of both feet..Not Good!
3.  Increase running days. I need to get out more then the three days on my plan.
4.  Continue working on positive motivations.
5. muscles felt so tight.

That's it for today! Now that the run is over, I feel great.

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