Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Again and Again

Well, here I go AGAIN. I do not run for a few weeks then I have to start from square one..again.

Started out on this beautiful, Fall morning the temp. was 53 degrees (perfect running weather for me), drove to East Lake and started my first mile.  I was feeling pretty good and decided to start at a slow, turtle like pace and completed the first mile in 11:29, which is OK for me. Started the second mile and lost my UMMPH at the next 1/2 mile...ok slow the breathing down...


OK ..Maybe Not!  By the time I got to the 3/4 mile marker I was pretty winded..my legs felt Ok but I was pretty short of breath..Darn..I hate the first 30 min of a run and now I could not complete that to get into a good stride.

SO..I walked...then I ran...walked again..You Get the Picture!

I was trying to remember what Erin had told me about a running plan she had heard about. For my speed was it run 3 mile and walk one...that one mile walk seemed like a long time...

Well not to worry..I did not even make the three miles to try it!

Got home, called Erin.....Plan says to run 3 minutes then walk 1 min.....Now that is for me!

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  1. You can DO IT!! I'm so proud of you and can't wait to cheer you on (maybe in spirit)in Chicago:) DOn't quIT:)