Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just Remember...all are good, some are just better than others!

 Today I was so excited to go on a run.

 At 6:00 the damn cat my sweet Cecil woke me up, not wanting to wake up Hubby,  I got out of bed, made coffee and waited for him to wake up.  I read my e mails,  blog surfed and before I knew it, Hubby was awake and wanting breakfast. Yes, a woman's work is never done.

I waited until the temp was 40, got my running clothes on and out the door I flew! I always judge the wind by what our  Condo Flag looks like. This morning I noticed that it was hanging, not fully secured, which was deceiving.

To me, this looked like a gentle breeze.  This was not a gentle breeze, the winds were Hurricane Force way to strong for me to try to run. This by far was the hardest run I have experienced. I had to stop so many times, I  was completely frustrated. Although this was not my favorite run, I will post the results, keep myself accountable and move on.

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