Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wind , Wind, Go Away....Do Not Come Back Another Day!

I started a run when I got home from my Bible class today. The sun was shining, slight breeze, I believe the temp was about 50...BEAUTIFUL.

Because (or should I say...ever sense) I had my big fall a couple of years ago, I have been very leery of falling again. I will only run in areas that I am familiar with and almost never in bad weather. I have been putting off a run, hoping the snow would melt, and I would be assured I would not have to deal with ice.

Today was the day, the temperature was warmer, the sun was shinning and the sky was a brilliant blue. Yes, there was a slight breeze but not anything that would hold me back. When I got home from church I put on my running clothes and opted to drive to the lake because I did not know if the snow had melted on the path which leads from the Condo to the lake.

When I started the run everything felt great! Actually, there was quite a bit of snow on the lake path  but with a careful eye, I was able to dodge the few ice patches that were hiding underneath the melting snow. 

 During the first half mile I had a slight side wind that was not bothersome but when heading around to the North side of the lake the wind hit me with a blast. There was a time, during the run, when I started laughing out loud because I  felt as if I was taking one step forward and two back!  The wind would hit me with a gust and almost pick me up off the ground. Boy, What a Ride!  Then, as I turned and headed to the south side of the lake,  I had a beautiful tail wind until I got on the south side and again I had a side wind.

I tromped through the snow, and slush, and by the time I stopped there was about an inch of mud, and gravel, on the soles of my shoes. I found an area where the snow had melted into a puddle and was able to clean off my shoes before heading home. It was a good run and the weather, although windy, was beautiful. 

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  1. Nice run :) I hate running through mud and water.... I have the feeling when my shoes feel like sponges and make that squishing noise.

  2. I hate the slushy weather too! Last weekend I ran through enormous puddles. GROSS!

  3. You were rocking along. I really can't wait to get back outside for my walk/runs. I love that word, runs....I'm really looking forward to spring and to see if I can do that on a road instead of a treadmill.
    Keep up the great work. Take care and have a blessed night sleep.

  4. A great grandmother (almost, anyway) training for a marathon? Man, they don't make great grandmothers the way they used to!