Thursday, August 23, 2012


After working 13 hours yesterday,  I really wanted to stay in bed this morning.  Instead,  I got up and hit the trail. 

After my 5 minute warm up, this week uses a 90sec run/2minute walk pattern for 20 minutes, followed by a 5 minute cool down.
Although I can run for a longer period, I have decided to follow this plan as written.  I'm not in a hurry and I need to build what has been lost over the last 10 months.  Plus, it's fun listening to the Drill Sargent's voice on this app.!

This pace felt good , my heart rate was lower (which is usually quite high) and my legs felt strong.

I hope you are having a wonderful week!!

~ Shawn ~


  1. You're very wise to take it slow and build back up to it. Too bad it takes an injury for most of us to make this discovery, eh? LOL

  2. Not even us pups just jump into it and run as far as we could possibly run! Good job. Consistency will be what will bring it all back together!

    Long May You Run!