Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is it Thursday Already???

Gee Whiz..Where did this week go?

I worked the last two days and sure would have rather slept in but decided to drag the 'ole body out of bed and go for a run!  After my last run you would think I would be excited to hit the trail but East lake has lost it's appeal. Good thing is, because of the mile markers, I know exactly how far I run.

Beautiful Morning

So, off I went, turned on my Toon's and started the run!  At first it seemed like I was the only one on the trail (which I love) but by the time I was through it was packed as usual. There were runners, walkers, Dad's with their babies, Moms with theirs, couples walking their dogs, it was a party at the lake.

My Hubby, Bill, has added some new tunes to my shuffle and it was so nice to have the new variety. My favorite was the Bluegrass music which was so much fun to listen to while running. Bill listens to Bluegrass every Saturday morning and all of our friends know not to call before noon because his ear is glued to the radio! I will admit that the songs he loaded to my shuffle were fantastico!

Love the colors of fall

I completed the first mile in 11:18 and was feeling on top of the world! If I am doing this good so early in my training, I know that a year from now I should be at 10-11 min miles without any problem. Today the HR was a little up with an average of 179 but I drank 2 cups of coffee before I left home. I am sure that had something to do with it!

Last .25 of my run
I am a creature of habit. Today, as usual, I started my run going counter clockwise around the lake. I decided to be wild 'n crazy the last 1.4 mile and run clock wise! WooHoo! The sign above is my last .25 mile.                                                                    

WooHoo,,almost there!
Running the opposite way gave me a whole new perspective of the trail. I never realized how pretty the first .25 mile was until I change it up and it was now the last .25!    That sounded a little confusing but I know what I mean!!   : )

All in all, it was a good morning. I am happy with my progress, will take things slow and build the base that I need.  I am loving the journey.                                                                


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Thursday. I envy people who love to run. I used to run a lot, but never really enjoyed it, like all of the runners I know did. Then, I pushed myself too hard one day on vacation, on a treadmill, and did damage to my knee. Now, every time I run, even if just a short distance, I reinjure my knee. I now stick to swimming, rollerblading, and biking in the summer, and the elliptical and stationary bike in the winter. I love all of those, but still wish that I could love running too.

  2. I find it amazing how great you run. My walks are getting faster but I'm not sure about ever being able to run: jog, sprint maybe.
    Thanks for stopping by. Keep up the great work.
    God Bless!!!