Thursday, October 7, 2010

Missing My Tunes!

I was lazy today and really would have liked to stay in bed to read my book. I love my new I Pad because I can increase the size of the text, which makes reading so much easier for me. I have cheaters, for my glasses, but if the light is not right, I still can not see well.

Even though I woke up before 7 am, I did not hit the trail until 8:30. Like I said, I really wanted to stay in bed and read but decided that reading was not going to give me the base in mileage that I need. So, I drug myself out of the bed, put on the running shoes and off to East Lake I went. The one thing I did not have is my Tunes!

Yes, I am still without my shuffle, I think we have a new one in Loveland, but for now, I am without tunes.
I know I usually run better without music but I have used the music as a distraction and it is hard to run around the lake without my music.

Although I did not have my music, I am so glad that I went on my run because it was such a beautiful morning.  I only wish I would have brought  my camera with me, because the leaves have turned more golden this week and when the sun hit the lake, it glistened like diamonds. My run was pretty good and I have been trying the run/walk pattern that Erin suggested. Today I tried a 6/1 ratio and it felt pretty good. I did less than twelve minute miles, even with walking, and my average HR was 173. I felt good after the run and felt that I could have done more, which is always a good sign.

My motivation for today's run was Brenda, Emma and Jonah's Grand Mommy, who passed away Tuesday morning. I still can not believe she is gone and I just pray for her family as they go through this very trying time. It brings back all the memories of when my parents passed away and I know how hard this time will be for them. I pray that Emma and Jonah focus on the good memories that they have, and believe me they have a lot of good stories they will be able to remember.

I wonder if Dad, and Mom, were waiting for her with a Martini. I will never forget Shawn, and Mary's, wedding and what a wonderful time Brenda had. Good Memories!

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  1. I'm glad you got up and going. The past two days I've had the morning off and have gotten up and walked 4-5 miles each day. The bed was yelling for me to return before I headed out but was quiet when I came home.
    Thanks for stopping by. Take care and God Bless!!