Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday Run

Sunday we woke up to a beautiful, crisp morning in Loveland. I decided to get my rear out of bed and go for a run and was I glad I did.  We had gone out the night before and it would have been so easy to sleep in but I know that the serious training has to begin NOW.

I only wish I had taken my camera to share all the beautiful sites. It was a joy to run and I had forgotten how spectacular our area of Loveland is. I did miss church, but I was in God's wondrous creation and who could ask for more!

Bill wanted to follow me in the car, he always wants to protect me, but I assured him I would be just fine. He was worried that a Bear would get me and of course, I just laughed! So, off I went, right out the front door, and began what was to be the best run so far!

The trees are turning and they have become a brilliant gold color. The morning was cool, and there was dew on the leaves of the trees. Only a few cars drove past me so, on the whole, it was very still and quiet. I decided to run by Sylvan Dale Ranch which is just to the north of our house and has some of the most beautiful scenery in Loveland.  My Toons were working and I listened to some Gospel and El Divo! Can it get any better than that? 

I planned on running 7-8 min. then walking 1 min. That seemed to work pretty good for the first 20 min or so. Luckily, by the time I reached a killer hill, I was on my first one minute walk..Way To Go Shawn! When I came to the crest of the hill, the beauty of the scenery is hard to put into words!  There are amazing rolling hills, with all the glorious trees in their autumn foliage, and the Big Thompson River flowing through all this beauty. This spectacular site took my breath away, it was just amazing. I am sure this is why I had such an easy run. I was definitely in God's Country!

I ran about 3.2 miles, or a little more, and did not feel tired, short of breath, legs did not hurt, it was just amazing! By the time I came to the turn around point, I had run for 17+ minutes. Last year at this time, at the same point I would be at 20-22 minutes. I do believe, that is called Progress!

Hopefully, I can take some pictures of the area before the leaves fall. I would love to share the beauty.

Now, back to the Bear! I did not see any wild life this run, as I have before, but I did see quite a few dead snakes on the road. Yuck! When I got back to our house after the run, I was walking from the yard to the front door. Guess what was in the front yard..a BIG pile of Bear Poop!!! Oh my Gosh, better listen to the Hubby and bring my mace along next time!


  1. Following you back from Mediocrity Chronicles. Please stop by again soon!

  2. I carry a snub nose 38 when I walk. We have fox, wolves, cougars and bear. So far we've only seen the droppings and lots of deer. Oh those darn dead snakes too.
    Stay safe when you walk or your hubby will make you carry something too. :o) Just in case you wonder, I do have a carry permit so don't worry I might get into trouble.
    Take care and thanks for stopping by. God Bless!!