Monday, September 5, 2011

Start of a new week and Happy Labor Day!

Just a quick note to update my training. I logged 30miles last week because of my long run on Thursday. My legs were still tired on Saturday morning but was able to get a nice 6 miles completed. Actually, the longer I ran the better my legs felt.

This morning I ran 5 miles in Loveland before I drove down to the city to get ready for the work week. Oh, my working just gets in the way of my training!

Have a Wonderful week!



  1. I am only walking 5 miles every day but I find that my legs and feet feel better the further I go. I guess it takes a minute to warm up?

  2. That's what I'm learning too, what Pam said. Except my legs hurt so bad yesterday. Tuesday I ran 2.46 miles, yesterday 2.65 miles both morning runs and boy did my thighs hurt. Today no pain and tonight I'm going running. I'm working up to my full 30 minutes of running...nothing like yours Shawn but maybe one day.
    I love reading what you write about your runs, it teaches me a little bit each time. Pam does awesome with her 5 miles every day of walking. This blogging community has so pretty neat people in it.
    Take care Shawn and have a blessed afternoon.