Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturdays Run

Saturday was a beautiful day to run, the temperature was in the mid 40's and only 50 at the end of my run. I was amazed at all the people on the trail, guess I should have started a little earlier!

I think my final pace, would have to go back and check on Dailymile, was about 11:20 for 5.6 miles.  I know it was not over 11:30 which really surprised me because I am still trying the run/walk program. Because this was my longest run of my training, I was a little tired at the end but not enough that I could not have gone further.   Since I have eleven months to train,  I seem to be on the right track for a Marathon.


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  2. 11 months is plenty of time to get up to marathon distance. You'll do great!