Monday, December 13, 2010

Road ID

Hop on over to Stephanie Ann's blog, Running To Health, and check out her giveaway! She is giving away a Road Id which every runner should wear in case of an emergency! BTW she has a great blog and worth checking it out even if you do not want the ID.  Go check out Road ID and see what they have to offer!


  1. Thanks for sharing with us, Shawn. :) Looking forward to meeting Stephanie Ann, AND... I always wear my Road ID, even when I'm not running! *hugs* from Orlando!!

  2. Woohoo! Yay for a marathon runner! Are you just starting out?! I ran in junior high & high school & some in college, but seem to never have the time anymore. So excited for you!

    Came by to thank you for being my 102nd follower!! And to let you know that I'm running my first ever giveaway for the milestone. You're welcome to come enter! Have a great day & a blessed Christmas!

  3. This sounds fun! I'll check it out now!
    Blessings for a wonderful Christmas week!
    PS Thanks so much for entering my GIVEAWAY!

  4. Hello Shawn! We're glad to meet you. Our Mom is interested in starting to run so she is happy you visited our blog so we can visit yours!

  5. Hi Shawn, thanks for your comment! In answer to your question, my bunny is a she and she was a rescue bunny. She was literally hiding in a corner away from all the other bunnies. I couldn't resist her. (she was born w/o the ear-no awesome bunny fight stories to tell) :-)

    Now I might need to catch up on your blog. I'm finding some great ones through SR. :-)