Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Catch up on my training log.

We went to Loveland this weekend and I forgot to take my Garmin.  I did remember my camera so I will add some pictures instead of the map!

Changed it up a wee bit!
Monday, instead of the run, Hubby and I walked my running path. The short path I run is 2.4miles and it has a pretty view, which will only get better as we head towards spring and summer.  I took the pictures as we were walking..saw the same exact thing today!

Today, I got up early, ran the same path and had a pace of 12:05..not too bad.
About 5 minutes into the run
Here I go..up the hill
and up!!
You can not tell what a climb this is but, believe me, it is a killer!
This is the reward at the top!
We still have snow by the river.

Little bit of history.

Almost at the turn around!
Guess I better turn around, they won't!
Horses at Sylvan Dale Ranch
On the side of  Sylvan Dale Ranch..great place to vacation!
Awwwww..down hill
Almost there!
Mi Casa


  1. I love this picture run. Now when I look at the garmin stats I will under stand better.
    You are doing so awesome. I walked tonight with daddy. 2.25 miles baut slower then I would if it was just me but daddy time is worth it.
    Take care Shawn. Sleep well. God Bless!!