Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Here it is..todays run..


  1. And what is ugle or bad about that run. Unless your weather is crappy like ours is. I love that you show your path and how it is. That is so cool. I am thinking even though it's about 2* out there I might go for a walk/jog when the daycare kids leave, that is if they are out of here by 6:00. I want to start learning to jog on our road, a bit afraid of it but since that is what I'm doing this summer come he** or high water I better start learning soon.
    Thanks for stopping by today. Mike was really surprised by all the well wishes. It was so cool having him read them.
    Take care and have a blessed evening.

  2. That isn't a bad run!

  3. Way to go on the run! :) I too have been wanting to start to train for a marathon, I think that if I had an awesome location (Like one in Hawaii or the Disney Princess Marathon at Disney-) I may have more motivation!

    As for your question of us both being in the Air Force- its just the husband! I am currently going back to school in hopes to get my second bachelors in Nursing....having a career while your husband is in the military is something of a fairytale unless you have one of those well-traveling jobs of Nursing or Teaching. :)

    Thanks for the well wishes for my surgery! Good luck training!