Monday, March 28, 2011

First day of week 4

Two of the grand daughters are here today and we got a very slow start to the morning.  They wanted to go shopping, pick up lunch while we were out, get a fruit smoothie and then come home to watch a movie.

I did not get a run in this morning  so after we got home and they were eating lunch, I took off for  a 30 min run.  When I left it was warm and sunny.  Remember, I live in Colorado. Five minutes into the run, the wind started howling, dark rain clouds were forming and it dropped about 10 degrees. Bummer, I had no choice but to continue my run on an unfamiliar trail.  I ran 15 minutes, turned around and headed home.

I might try the trail again, not to sure at this time. It felt a little creepy because I did not see anyone but kept feeling like someone was going to jump up from the side of the canal.


  1. Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I found your blog a few weeks ago through a blog hop but since that time I've run 2 5Ks and I have my first 10K since high school coming up this weekend. Thanks for giving me some motivation to run!

    I hate that feeling of being on a new trail and constantly feeling like you might want to keep an energy reserve for a 15 minute sprint back to the house in case anything jumps out at you. Stay safe!

  2. Even though I know my road, I know the people. I've lived on this road for 40+ years there are times when the sun is setting it worries me. Not people but we have critters of all sizes (last year a bear). I now carry when I'm out (I have the permit to carry so I'm legal). Stick to where you feel comfortable. I want to read about your runs, not something that happened to you.
    Take care Shawn, have a blessed evening.