Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 2nd..Happy Birthday to Miss Emma!

Miss Emma, Nana and Erin( Emma's Mommy)

Fourteen years ago today, Miss Emma was born. It was a snowy Colorado spring morning when this little angel entered our world. Our whole family was at the hospital, waiting for her to arrive, and when we finally heard her precious first cries our lives were changed forever.
Emma is a very special young lady, so like her mother in many ways. Emma is the type of child who wants to make sure everyone is happy. She never wants to disappoint, or hurt, anyone. She is maturing into a woman that is caring, loving, thoughtful, ambitious, creative, intelligent, a lover of animals and all those around her. She does not get involved in teenage petty fights with friends..she is the peace maker. She has a sweet, spiritual side that will continue to grow as she matures.
She is a lovely flower bud ready to bloom into a magnificent blossom.

Today I dedicate my run To Miss Emma..

May you:
always find the best in others,
continue to grow spiritually,
succeed in school,
Always see your glass half full,
Be a champion for the underdog,
never succumb to peer pressure that could put you in harms way,
always know that  family is the most important part of your life and you can come to anyone of us if you need help solving a problem

I pray you make your way in this world with a smooth road,
I hope you enjoy the small things, realizing it is not the material things you have in life but the love of family and friends that will bring true happiness.
Always remember how much you are loved.


Stay tuned for Jonah's birthday Post!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet granddaughter! You know ... I know this should be about her, and her special day, but I just have to mention, that as I read your post, all I could do was think of MyGirl ... the two sound very much alike, and your words to her were just what I might write and/or say to MyGirl. Celebrate today ... and enjoy every single moment. You already know ... the time slips by so quickly.

    Again, happy birthday wishes!
    (the TwoSpecialWires' moma) Sally

  2. A happy, happy birthday wish to Emma:) I love what you wish for her, I think its exactly what every mom wishes for their child. Love and miss all of you.

  3. Oh I love this post Shawn. I truly love it. Happy Birthday to dear Emma.
    Take care and have a blessed evening.