Saturday, April 23, 2011

April snow bring's May flowers????

The first thing I do Saturday morning, besides getting a cup of coffee, is to turn on the news and see what the weather is going to be for the day.
This morning Trusty Weatherman said the temp would reach the 50's with snow and/or rain showers in the late afternoon. I must repeat THE LATE AFTERNOON!! He did not say anything about THIS MORNING.

I want his job..can you imagine if I made mistakes like the Trusty Weatherman does....Well, we will not go there!

So, back to my story. Believing the Trusty Weatherman,  I wanted to get on the trail to complete my 7.5 mile run before the snow started.  Ha Ha Ha Ha!1 Was I surprised when a quarter into my run it started snowing blue blazes..and I had to keep going.
The sky is cloudy but the temp was 39 degrees.
Still not too bad!
Starting to snow but I could not capture it with my camera.
Halfway through! See the water droplets from the melting snow!
Dang Snow!
Is that a smile?
Yikes, see the ice-sicles on my eye lashes!
My eyes are frozen shut!   Help!!!!!!!!!!

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