Monday, April 18, 2011

Saturdays Photo Op

I was scheduled for a 3 mile run on Saturday and because I was in Loveland..and had my camera..well, I did quite a bit of picture taking on my run.

My starting point.
Can you see the straight line? That is where I am heading.
That road is a 7.5% grade..and my lungs can verify that!
A little reprieve before the climb.
Here we go!
Almost to the top.  I had come up this far and needed a rest! Actually, I had to stop three times!
The top!
Now the fun would begin, I could run back down!
Time to turn around
Beautiful morning!
Guess I better slow down!!!
Just over the rise and it is smooth sailing,
Almost home
My neighbors dog, Buddy, will carry these huge sticks for his entire walk!
Buddy is an amazing Pit/Lab mix. His face is beautiful but he kept running around so I could not get a close up. It was such a treat to end my run while watching Buddy have so much fun with his stick.

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  1. Amazing progress and photos. Looks like a beautiful day and a beautiful setting. That's what I call meditation. Go Girl!